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The Sing-Off: Episode 1

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Wow. It's been a while since I updated. This quarter kicked my ass, you guys. It kicked my ass hard. After my Video Production final tomorrow, I am going drinking with my group from that class and no, I do not give a shit that it will be 12:30. I need that drink. I have Video Production II next quarter.

Last night I was in the editing room with said video group working on our final project and luckily, I got home in time to watch the return of my favorite reality competition show The Sing-Off.

One of the reasons I have been loving the introduction of the Warblers to Glee is that I am a GIANT a cappella nerd. I did choir for five years and I wish I had gotten the chance to do a cappella just once. There’s something so powerful about it – I am constantly in awe of what these groups can do with just their voices.

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Awesome News!

Creators of Death Note working on a Supernatural anime! And you can see the character sketches of Sam and Dean here!

Guys, I can't lie. I will watch every second of this anime and love the hell out of it.

Also, there might be a live-action Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes edition) TV series! Geoff Johns posted some test shots (you have to scroll down a bit to see them). The CGI is what you would expect from a test, but I like the general concept going on here. But there are a couple things DC needs to do if this is going to work.

1) Get good writers

Look, DC, I understand that with Smallville winding down, you are looking for a new TV project to replace it. That does not mean that the Blue Beetle series needs to be a total cheesefest like Smallville was. In fact, given the source material, this has to potential to be a smart, snappy series. In order to live up to this potential, you need to get writers who can bring out the witty dialogue that I loved in the comics.

If it is at all possible, drag John Rogers away from Leverage for a bit and have him at least work on the pilot. This is a superhero show - it is going to need a strong-ass pilot if you want this to be anything other than a fifth place genre show on the CW.

2) Hire the right actors

Starting with the right actor for Jaime Reyes. The comments on the blog post are suggesting Taylor Lautner. If the chances of that happening weren't zero, I would tell them to shut their filthy mouths. (Commenters, please. Like Taycob is going to take a television role. He's sticking to big screen jobs while rolling in piles of Twilight money inbetween jobs.)

The problems I have with Taycob are A) he can do snarky, but not Jaime Reyes snarky and B) as far as I'm aware, he is not Hispanic. DC, if you cast an actor who is not of Hispanic descent, you will have a very angry fanbase on your hands. Tread carefully.

3) Fix that CGI

That is okay for a test shot, but not for the actual series. If you can make this look good, this project will be taken a lot more seriously.


Can't Read My Poker Face

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I have to talk about tonight's Glee!

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News Post!

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Keeping It Reel

Iron Man 2 Reviews Range From Unwatchable to AWESOME io9 graciously saved you the time of tracking down all the advance reviews individually and gathered the highlights in one convenient post.

Is This the New Rebooted Face of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Whatever that thing is, it's going to show up in my nightmares tonight.

Exclusive Interview: Chris Evans (The Losers) He also talks about the upcoming film Scott Pilgrim vs the World and his decision to take the role of Steve Rogers in Captain America

Final Trailer for The Last Airbender Y'all already know how I feel about this.

NYC Seeks $300 Levy on Once-Free Film Permits

Changing Channels

TV Ratings Monday: Romantically Challenged Down; Chuck Steady

TNT Renews Southland

Prince Charles' Environment Film to Air in U.S.

Let's Get Political (Political)! Let Me Hear Your Party Talk!

Ceara Sturgis' High School Refused to Run Her Tuxedo Picture in the Yearbook. Or Even Mention Her Name. Mississippi apparently has a big problem with lesbian high school students.

Facebook vs the Feds The recent privacy rollbacks (learn how to opt-out of them here) has brought the social networking site under government scrutiny.

Arizona's Racial Profiling Law: The Backlash

And the Moronic Bigot of the Day is Republican Alabama governor candidate, Tim "This is Alabama. We speak English." James.
Doctor Who
The Rifftrax for New Moon is available just in time for the DVD release!

We also have a new trailer for series five of Doctor Who, which premieres on Easter Day. SO EXCITED OMG. :D

For all you Starkid fans, A Very Potter Sequel will be running May 14-16 up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Me and my friend greenchesspiece (go say hi, he's new to LJ!) have made plans to drive the four hours up there to see it. He agreed to it even before I showed him the YouTube videos and now that he's seen it, he messaged me on Facebook all "WE HAVE TO GET TICKETS." Another one converted; my work here is done. Team Starkid has said that they will have a reservation system and I've been watching their website/twitter account like a hawk for the moment tickets are available. And I promise I will give you guys a full review.

Meanwhile, you should check out their other show, Me and My Dick. Obviously, it's mature content, but it's really funny and the music is fantastic. The soundtrack was released on iTunes on March 9 and it premiered on the Billboard Cast Album chart at #11 two days ago! That's unprecedented for a student-created musical and a great example of the power of the internet in reaching a larger audience than a production like that normally would. So congrats to them!

A Few News Items and Oscar Predictions

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SPOILER ALERT: Pictures and a Video Clip from Doctor Who Filming of Episode 11

Allison Miller Cast in 'Betwixt' I liked her on Kings and the premise has potential, so I'll check it out when it airs.

Honest Movie Posters: Oscars 2010 The one for Up made me laugh out loud.

And with the last news item, let's talk about the Oscars. I'm all ready to go; I've got my snacks and drinks, printable Oscar ballot, everything. Because just in case you didn't know, the Academy Awards are the Super Bowl for film geeks.

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New Doctor Who Trailer!

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I love it. I'm overjoyed that after all the drama of Ten's specials, we're finally returning to what Doctor Who is really about....



Oh, Childhood

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I just discovered five minutes ago that the series The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest is posted in great quantities on YouTube! I think I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day. (I seriously just started watching the first episode and could hum the opening theme music from memory.)

Jonny Quest was a HUGE part of my childhood. I was eight when the show premiered on Cartoon Network and I was obsessed. I wanted to be like Jessie, who was the epitome of cool to me.

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