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zuko and katara
This quarter's been insanely busy, despite me having most of my afternoons off. I'm writing for the school paper (which, being for a branch campus, is really more of a newsletter). I just had a deadline this morning and -

GOD I HATE THESE LIVEJOURNAL ADS. I keep accidentally moving my cursor over them and starting the annoying video (I do not want to go to Gatlinburg, okay?! Leave me alone!). I miss my paid account. ;__;

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I had three articles due today at 1pm. Luckily, the eMedia department's busy celebrating over our team in the College Movie Festival pretty much sweeping the awards, so I didn't have a lot of work to do there.

My point is, I've been busy lately and haven't gotten a chance to update in a while. Sorry about that. But I'm back now! With some older news! Hopefully I will have some more current stuff to talk about in the coming days, but I've been following this since it began and I feel that it's a good place to pick back up.

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More Fail

katara, can't knock me down
Official trailer for The Last Airbender has been released.

Remember how I was saying that the lack of acting in the first two trailers was a bad sign? I was right. I was so very, very right and I hate that I was.

That dude telling Zuko that his and Aang's "destinies are intertwined" was totally some random firebender and not Uncle Iroh. Nope, not Iroh at all. (Shut up let me live in my safe place for a little bit, okay? ;__;)

Aang's tattoos look cool, though. The back looks a little too much like a cross for my taste, but I only got a very brief glimpse of it and it wouldn't be the first time Jesus imagery was used in connection with Aang anyway.


ETA: The willful ignorance of the racial issues surrounding this movie over at the ONTD post about the trailer is disheartening. Here, have an excellent video about Asian imagery in Avatar to either educate yourself, or just appreciate a well-made video depending on what side you're on.

ETA2: Now with bonus M. Night Interview of Fail! Yes, it's really old, but it effectively illustrates how little respect he has for the original material. I can't believe that he has the nerve to criticize the martial arts in the series and say it was copied from martial arts films. Bryan, Mike, and Sifu Kisu put a lot of work into the fight scenes and it shows. Katara vs Master Pakku, and Zuko vs Azula in the series finale are two of the greatest fight scenes I've ever seen.