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Doctor Who
The Rifftrax for New Moon is available just in time for the DVD release!

We also have a new trailer for series five of Doctor Who, which premieres on Easter Day. SO EXCITED OMG. :D

For all you Starkid fans, A Very Potter Sequel will be running May 14-16 up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Me and my friend greenchesspiece (go say hi, he's new to LJ!) have made plans to drive the four hours up there to see it. He agreed to it even before I showed him the YouTube videos and now that he's seen it, he messaged me on Facebook all "WE HAVE TO GET TICKETS." Another one converted; my work here is done. Team Starkid has said that they will have a reservation system and I've been watching their website/twitter account like a hawk for the moment tickets are available. And I promise I will give you guys a full review.

Meanwhile, you should check out their other show, Me and My Dick. Obviously, it's mature content, but it's really funny and the music is fantastic. The soundtrack was released on iTunes on March 9 and it premiered on the Billboard Cast Album chart at #11 two days ago! That's unprecedented for a student-created musical and a great example of the power of the internet in reaching a larger audience than a production like that normally would. So congrats to them!

Matt Smith, Why So Amazing?

Doctor Who
The Best Interview With Matt Smith Ever, In Which He Is So Weirdly Awesome That Your Screen May Melt. I stan him so hard, you guys, you have no idea. And this just made it worse.


New Doctor Who Trailer!

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I love it. I'm overjoyed that after all the drama of Ten's specials, we're finally returning to what Doctor Who is really about....



Doctor Who - "The End of Time Part 2"

Doctor Who
I'm still crying too hard to really put together something coherent, but I'll give it a go.


Doctor Who - "The End of Time, Part 1"

Doctor Who

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News Post

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I could not sleep last night, and it wasn't because I stayed up late or the hamsters in my brain were working overtime like they sometimes do. I tossed and turned from midnight to seven, maybe sleeping an hour at a time. I'm exhausted. I think I will be turning in early tonight.

Monday Night Ratings And the countdown to Heroes cancellation That show is hella expensive to produce and it's sinking lower every week. (The only reason I'm still watching it is for the lulzy watch-a-long posts over at ontd_twatlight.) (P.S. Heroes, synethesia is not a superpower. Just sayin'.)

I am pleased to see that NBC's ludicrous plan to have Jay Leno take the 10pm slot every night is backfiring spectacularly.

Glee Rules the iTunes Charts With Astounding 1.1 Million Downloads "GLEE currently boasts 10 songs on the iTunes Top 200" This is one of the reasons that, despite what history shows happens to "quirky" shows, I was optimistic about the show's chance of survival. It doesn't just make money from advertisers. I'm so happy that my optimism has paid off and Glee has both great ratings and chart topping songs.

Dollhouse: Where Did It Go Wrong?! Personally, I have found this season very boring, which is a major disappointment after the awesome unaired episode "Epitaph One".

New Doctor Who Logo Revealed I was about to say that I wasn't sure about this, but then I took another look. And now I love it. It's modern, but the font and color scheme also call back to the old Who logos. The one they'd been using for the new series was so different from the others, which I think was necessary at first to establish it as a new era of the show, but now the show is comfortable enough in it's identity that it can afford to start being a bit sentimental about the old series. Not to say that they didn't consider the old series before; they were just a lot more conscientious about establishing themselves so they weren't being constantly compared to "the good old days".

Citing Flight Risk, Swiss Officials Refuse to Grant Bail for Roman Polanski

The First Five Minutes of The Princess and the Frog This was the first news item I found this morning, and it is the only reason I wasn't a cranky bitch to everyone who crossed my path today. Words can't even begin to express how excited I am for this movie. And I can't be the only one to think the rich little girl looks remarkably like Darla Dimple from Cats Don't Dance. (A sadly underrated movie, btw. You should check it out.)

Paranormal Activity Director Swaps Ghosts for Aliens in Area 51 Granted, this actually sounds like it might be cool. But Hollywood has a history of taking any gimmick that happens to work once and then beating it into the ground until it's an unrecognizable pulp. Just keep in mind that the Blair Witch sequels tanked, okay guys?

Forget a Zombieland Sequel: Writers Have 12 Films Planned It's funny that I linked to the review that said Zombieland felt like the start of a TV series, since this article reveals that it was originally conceived as such. (And now that they mention it, I do have a vague recollection about a network being in talks for zombie TV series.)

Strip Roland Emmerich's 2012 of It's Special Effects, and What Do You Get?

News Post

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Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I work as a teaching/administrative assistant at a college and it was crazy busy getting ready for the new school year to start. Our offices are now filled to the brim with every possible precaution against hamthrax, by the way, so hopefully I will be avoiding the piggy sniffles despite being in the target age group.

Also, the pilot light at home is out and October kind of snuck up like a ninja of cold, windy weather so now everyone in the house is wearing at least two layers at all times. I could really use some more pairs of slipper socks.

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Doctor Who Series 5 Audio

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Audio of Matt Smith and Karen Gillian rehearsing a scene on the set of Doctor Who has surfaced on YouTube.

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